Why Let Fly and why now?

When was the last time you had professional family photos taken?  Has your family been blessed with a new family member? Are you walking in a new season? No matter where you are, it is a time like any other!

The time to pause and capture the 'great' around you is always now! 

The older we get the more we realize life happens some-kind-of fast! We relish the snapshots that roll through our minds of the memories made and the seasons goneby. Your best way of remembering, sharing, and appreciating the exciting chapters you are going through is hiring a professional photographer.

Let Fly Photography provides you with a personal experience and professional images that truly capture 'you' - your personality, your joy, your greater things - and gives you full ownership of your rememberance.

Don't let another year go by without updated family pictures! Don't underestimate how much you would treasure maternity pictures, senior pictures, or toddler pictures down the road! Don't let your incredible event go by without record of its splendor!